Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy – A Complete Guide

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Plans can change unexpectedly, and it is always a hassle to cancel flights at the very last moment. With the help of the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger can cancel their flight within 24 hours and seven days before the scheduled departure. Hawaiian Airlines is known for its excellence in onboard services and customer service, which is available 24*7. In this guide, we will cover Hawaiian Airline cancellation policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours

As per the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, a traveler can cancel their flight within 24 hours from their reservation from the scheduled departure. You can get a flight if you cancel your flight ticket within the given time. Here’s everything you must do:

  • The scheduled departure must be at least seven days before your scheduled departure.
  • However, the 24-hour cancellation policy does not apply to the HawaiianMiles program.
  • To use the 24-hour cancellation policy, the ticket number will be started at 173.
  • Lastly, the 24-hour cancellation policy will be applied to all tickets booked with ticket credit.

How to Cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

As per the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, the airline offers multiple ticket cancellation modes. Here are some of the methods that one can follow:

1. Cancel Hawaiian Flight Online

A passenger can use the online method to cancel their flight online. All one has to do is navigate to the Hawaiian Airlines website and follow the on-screen steps:

  • Start by navigating to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Next, click on the My Trips option.
  • From there, you can add details such as booking number, confirmation number, first name, last name, etc.
  • Click on the Cancel Flight option and choose the flight that you wish to cancel.
  • Pay your cancellation fee, and then you will receive a flight cancellation confirmation in your email.
  • At last, if you have applied for the refund, it will be credited back to your account within 7 to 10 working days.

2. Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation Over Call

Another way to revoke your flight cancellation is by contacting the flight executives at Hawaiian Airlines. Also, a passenger can dial the customer service number of Hawaiian Airlines and follow the on-screen steps:

  • To converse with the agent, ensure you have a confirmed booking with Hawaiian Airlines.
  • As soon as you are connected with the agent, you can ask the agent to cancel your reservation.
  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger will either get a full refund or travel credits as a refund in their account. However, the cancellation credit will be valid for one year from the reservation date of purchase.
  • You might have to pay a cancellation fee if required.

3. Hawaiian Flight cancellation at the Airport

You can ask the airport help desk to help you cancel your flight with Hawaiian Airlines. However, this method is considered the most reliable as the officials will cancel. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by reaching the Airport before your scheduled departure.
  • Next, you can contact the agent at the front desk regarding your flight cancellation request.
  • Enter the necessary details regarding your cancellation and then add all the required details for the easy cancellation procedure.
  • In the end, the customer care agent will inform you about the cancellation of your ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Fee

All the passengers who have canceled their flight after 24 hours will have to pay the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee. Here is the breakdown of the Hawaii air cancellation fee:

  • All passengers canceling their flight online must pay at least $150 for economy class. Premium economy passengers must pay $150, and Business class passengers must pay $75 as a cancellation fee. On the other hand, first-class passengers do not have to pay any cancellation fee.
  • As for all the tickets being canceled over the phone, the premium economy and economy class passengers would have to pay $200. At the same time, business & first class passengers must pay ($150 & 75 dollars as per their ticket).

Hawaiian Airlines Refund Policy

According to the Hawaiian airline cancellation policy, if a passenger cancels their flight 24 hours before their scheduled departure, they will get their refund. However, the refund policy guidelines state that all tickets are non-refundable unless otherwise specified. Usually, it depends on what type of ticket you hold and your destination to determine whether you are eligible for a refund.

Generally, it takes 7 to 8 days for the refund to be credited to the original account.

Concluding Thoughts

Hawaiian Airlines has been making a buzz for its excellent services and flexibility. Sometimes, passengers have no choice but to revoke their cancellation due to specific events such as medical and work emergencies. A passenger can cancel their flight with Hawaii Airlines within 24 hours and seven days before the scheduled departure to avoid paying any cancellation fee for all cancellations made after 24 hours, which will result in a cancellation fee charged by the airline itself. Usually, the fee can cost a passenger between $175 and 200 depending on your ticket type, destination, and route. Hence, for any flight-related queries, do visit the official website of Hawaiian Airlines for updated information.

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To cancel your flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you can navigate to the main website and choose the Manage My Booking option to cancel the reservation. However, if this method seems more feasible, contact the airline using their customer service number.

According to the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger must pay a cancellation fee if they cancel their flight after 24 hours. However, the fee can start at $175 and might go up to $200. The fee depends on several factors, such as ticket type, destination, class, etc.

Generally, it takes 7 to 10 business days for the refund to be credited back to the account.

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