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Airfare Policies is a massive online platform that can give you all the information regarding any airline in one place. When someone comes to our platform, we may collect some of their personal information. Hence, we must let you know about the way through which we collect your data and how we are making use of it. It is self-justified that you agree to our entire clauses of terms and conditions if you visit our website.

We hold the right to change our policy at any time if we don’t feel it is suitable enough with our principles. Moreover, we are not accountable for giving you any notice regarding the changes in advance. You should be responsible for keeping yourself updated with the modifications in this course of the privacy policy of Airfare Policies.

Information that we collect from users

  • Every kind of general information like name, address, date of birth, Nationality, gender, etc.
  • All accurate, valid customer details, like contact number, email ID, and permanent address.
  • Details regarding the payment details that you did on your portal, like debit card, credit card, and copy of the billing confirmation.
  • Itinerary details related to the booking you made. It comprises the departed city, arrival port, date and time, booking confirmation ID, carrier name, flight number, and other passenger details. Besides this, we also collect luggage information, meals, layover place names, scheduled times, and accommodation details.
  • Some social media aspects if you merge any accounts on our platform for an easy login process. It fetches out the data from there, like the name, gender, age, picture, personal identification number, etc, that you already filled out in your social media account.
  • An account of the chat feed or conversation that we had earlier, like questions, queries, thoughts, and requests that you made with the customer care executive.
  • Particulars related to any promotion or offers that you filled up when taking entrance in any of the events. That event must originate on our platform only when we hold the right to collect your data.
  • Various other irrelevant data that you entered on our website, including details regarding third-party apps or websites.
  • All the contact details are saved on your mobile to have a better flow of the conversation.

Data for login and how we gather it

Comprising, all the third-party apps or service provider connected to our platform will store your data for their benefit. Simultaneously, they take several major steps to safeguard your data. Some of these methods are cookies, web bugs, beacons, and Java Script that can fetch the data. In addition, they try to snatch away the IP address to enhance their advertising model.

You should remember that as an independent service provider, we don’t have any authority over the regulation of these cookies. Our third-party service providers control these cookies; hence, they have the complete right over them.

Scenario of children

We, Airfare Policies, primarily focus on the privacy of the users that come to our website. Furthermore, as children, we strive hard without leaving any stone unturned. We strongly advise all the parents to keep a strict eye on their children. Inspect what they are using while using the Internet, on what website they are going, and what kind of stats they are sharing with whom.

Airfare Policies employs an automatic system-generated procedure that, on its own, collects personal data without permission from the user who knocks on the door of our website. Airfare Policies knowingly don’t store the data of children below the age of 13 years. If you find out that your children share any of their personal information, instantly contact us. And we are assuring you that we will do our best to delete or remove that information from our database.

Limit by the Law

Our account of privacy policy clearly states that we don’t have the authority to share or disclose your data with anyone. However, it happens when any law compels us to do the same.

Right to alter the privacy policy.

We hold the right to modify our privacy policy whenever we need it. And we are not accountable for giving you any notification. It gets updated anytime when we find any gap that needs to be filled up.

Thus, it is advised to each person to take a visit to our website before taking any of our services. The changes we infuse here come into effect as soon as it gets involved. So, it is smart to check out these pages regularly.

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