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As a reliable platform, Airfare Policies knows its responsibility to make you aware of the terms and conditions of this website. It is advised you all be aware of all the clauses mentioned here in this terms of use. Make a habit of taking a read always before you come to take any of our services or purchase any of our products. We hold the right to make changes or alterations to these terms and conditions whenever we need to do so. Moreover, we are not liable to send you any kind of notification. So, it is suggested you save this page and take a reading every time you are coming to our website for any reason.

There are some particular words used too many times on this website about which you should know what they are denoting, like the phrases “We”, “Us”, and “Ourselves,” which are used to indicate the presence of Airfare Policies. On the other hand, words like “You” and “Your” are infused here to denote the users coming to our website. You can visit this gigantic platform to get information about the airlines. However, we are not responsible for authenticating any information available on our portal. We, Airfare Policies, only have the vision to provide you with the knowledge of the policies or the services that airlines provide. We collect every bit of this information from every other source. So, our motive relies on guiding you with the right piece of knowledge about the carrier.

Confirmation of the Information

We have compiled a lot of data from different companies from various places and showcase it on our website. However, it may be possible that someone can’t find some significant details if they are looking for it. There is only a limited amount of data listed on this platform that we gathered from multiple places. Furthermore, we are not answerable for the authenticity of the information present here. We strive hard to accumulate genuine data that is accurate and valid so that you can have everything under one roof. It is possible that you can find everything with some modifications as they undergo alterations many times.

Matter of cookie policy

We use cookies to store or collect your basic details so that we can enhance your search on our website. You also have the right to use the cookies in compliance with the booking offers that keep coming up on the platform.

The scenario of Third-party Websites

By coming to our website, you can easily spot too many links to other third-party websites or service providers. And we are not accountable for any kind of data that is present on third-party websites. It is the sole responsibility of the person to carefully go through the terms and conditions laid down by the service provider. We also included the details like email ID, contact information, and websites of the companies. So, you can take a visit to their website as well and have a familiarity with their terms and conditions. All in all, it is said that it is the responsibility of the people to stay informed about the clauses of terms of use of our website.

Liability for the content

Airfare Policies is not liable or answerable in any manner for any material that is available on a third-party website. You have to deal alone with allegations if raised by anyone due to the data on the website. There shouldn’t be any links to any of the websites that are vulnerable to being defamatory, pornographic, violent, and illegal, which may break the rights of third-party websites.

Eradication of website links

If you witness even a single link on our website that is unusable or unreasonable, you can reach out to warn us about that. We are not liable to reply or revert instantly. We look into the matter and find the claim true; we will accept that order and delete the ties. We are not passing any confirmation on the accuracy of the data on the website, nor are we assuring that all the information mentioned here is updated regularly, as we don’t have any control over it.

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