How Do I change a Flight on British Airways?


Change is something that everyone needs when they find anything that is not going according to their wishes. It is also the case when you plan to travel to a place but meet with urgent or unforeseen circumstances that alter your plan. Thus, change your flight easily with the help of British Airways Change Flight policy.

Roll your eyes over every line till the end to understand the process of performing the British Airways Change flight.

British Airways 24-hour Flight Change Policy

British Airways thinks for the passengers’ convenience; it provides them with the privilege to change their flight booking 24 hours before their flight departure. It means they can alter their reservation at their convenience until 24 hours before their flight departure time.

  • All passengers can go with British Airways Change flight through the website, call, or app.
  • While going through the BA flight change, you need to pay the British Airways change flight cost along with the fare difference between the flights.
  • Remember that the 24-hour policy doesn’t apply to all kinds of tickets.
  • Certain tickets have other policies or rules; these include non-refundable and non-changeable tickets.
  • Passengers who need to proceed with the alteration in their ticket must go through the terms and conditions. It is advised to check out the British Airways Flight change policy that works parallelly with ticket change.
  • Besides all this, check for the fee and the fare difference that will apply to your new tickets.

A short intro about Same day flight Change British Airways

British Airways’ change flight, same day feature denotes that a passenger can perform some modifications in their flight booking on the same day. You can perform changes one hour from the fixed departure time.

But you should remember that the new flight should be between the same airports and on the same routes. Passengers are not permitted to go ahead with any earlier flight if they already checked in for their flight.

Besides this, British Airways’ same-day flight change policy is not open for long-haul flights. But if you want, you need to pay the British Airways flight change fee and the fare difference.

How to go with British Airways Change Flight?

Most people get confused with the procedure for changing their British Airways flight. But it is the easiest thing that you can do. British Airways Flight Change options are available there for all the passengers. By following any of them, they can smoothly change their flight. They have the choice of proceeding either online or offline.

Look below to learn about these procedures without facing any hassle.

British Airways Change Flight Online

Apply the steps in the same order as they are listed to go with the smooth BA flight change process.

  • Visit the official website of British Airways after opening up the browser.
  • When you have your presence on the website, look for the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Click on it to witness all the alternatives that you have.
  • Now, enter the passenger’s last name and the booking confirmation number on the required sections as mentioned on the screen.
  • Once done with this, click on “Find my Booking”.
  • Besides this, all business and executive class ticket holders have to log in to the account they made with British Airways.
  • You can see all the details regarding your reservation on the appearing page. Furthermore, if your flight ticket is eligible for some change, an option with a flight change will also come up.
  • Go with that and follow the on-screen instructions that keep coming up.
  • It is time for you to type all the details about you to proceed with the reservation for your new flight.
  • A new window will open up with all the options that are available for you. Check out all of those and pick the one that suits well with your choices.
  • After you decide about the new reservation, clear out the fees and the fare difference that will emerge.
  • At last, to denote the end, the airlines will send you the confirmation regarding your flight change.

Flight Change British Airways by calling

If you don’t want to go ahead with the online option to make the changes in your flight booking, you can proceed with the offline one. You can choose the option of calling the airlines. Know with the help of the guide as given below.

  • Dial the British Airways Change Flight Phone number related to your region. You can find the relevant number on the official website of British Airways.
  • After finding an airline representative on the other side of the call, inform them about your booking reference number. Along with this, tell them the reason due to why you are changing your flight.
  • The customer care representative will assist you in finding a new flight, depending on your requirements. They will let you know about your alternatives if you can’t find a suitable flight.
  • Once you choose a new flight, the representative will perform the necessary BA Change flight. Besides this, if any fees arise for that, they will update you about the same.
  • If you feel satisfied with the changes, the airlines will mail you confirmation.
  • Run your eyes through that confirmation mail to ensure all the details mentioned are correct.

Alteration in flight through Email

Feeling to change your flight booking with British Airways? Yes, go ahead with the alternative to send an email to them. Implement the steps mentioned below one by one without leaving out any in the middle.

  • Open up your email account and click on the option “Compose message”.
  • Now, you can see the “To” box, and enter the mail of the airlines.
  • Move ahead to the subject line and type that you want to change your flight.
  • In the section of the body of the mail, enter information like the booking reference number, your full name, and the details of your current flight. Also, mention the details for the new flight, like the date, time, and flight number.
  • In a matter of having a special request, you need to mention it in the mail as well, like meal preference and British Airways Seat Selection.
  • After mentioning all the details you think are important, Email and wait for the revert.

Remember that altering flight through Email is a longer process than the website and calling one.

Flight modification through chat

Chatting is the simple option with which you can easily proceed. You can talk to one of the airline’s representatives without any hassle.

Just go with the detailed steps individually, and don’t break the flow.

  • Visit the official website of British Airways and select the “contact us” option.
  • Choose the chat option under it.
  • Enter the booking reference number and type the reason for changing your flight.
  • A customer service will come up and talk to you. They assist you in finding the flight that best suits your requirements. Along with this, they let you perform the changes that you want.
  • Keep all the related documents handy; they can ask for them anytime.
  • Once they finish the changes, they will confirm the new flight booking.
  • Ultimately, they will send you a confirmation mail denoting the same.

What is British Airways Change flight cost?

British Airways doesn’t charge a single penny for changing the flight per passenger on most domestic or International flights. Besides this, they will ask you to pay the fare difference between the new and previous flights. However, you need to clear out the British Airways flight change fee during the change in flight through the airport premises or by calling. Run your eyes downward to have a better understanding.

  • While making changes on domestic flights by calling, the fee for the same will diminish.
  • A minimal charge of $25 applies to altering flights on the phone along with the fare difference.
  • To change it at the airport, you need to disburse around $35 and the difference in the fare as well.

Bottom Line!

British Airways Flight Change policy allows passengers to easily alter their flight anytime. But, you must take care of certain rules and regulations and follow them strictly. The airways try to minimize the effect that arises when someone performs flight changes. If you find yourself stuck while going through this policy, reach out to the customer service team of British Airways by dialing the official number.


Multiple factors exist through which you can move further to change your British Airways flight, like online way, calling, emailing, chatting, or visiting the airport.

Yes, you can change the date of the flight easily.

British Airways customer can change their flight by getting into their account. And then, they have to move towards the “Change Flight” option.

Certainly, you can change your flight to another one on the same day. But it is subjected to some conditions and regulations. You can also grab another flight only if it is available.

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