Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Change flight with Delta

Passenger sometimes may find themselves in certain circumstances in which they feel the need to make changes in their flight booking. If this is the case, then Delta Airlines proves to be the best carrier. It allows all of their passenger to Delta Change Flight easily without any hindrance. Now, you can make your travel plan according to your wish by satisfying Delta Airlines’ change flight policy. Are you lacking in knowledge about Delta Change Flight? Look below here and read till the end.

How do I change Flights on Delta?

Delta Airlines privileges everyone with the right through which they can easily go with Delta Airlines Change flight. They laid down different methods to complete the task of Delta change flight. They can proceed ahead either by calling the airlines or by taking a visit to the official website of the airlines.

Look here to know each of these methods in detail to easily satisfy all the rules of Delta Change Flight Policy.

Delta change flight by online method

Under Delta Airlines Change policy, people can alter their flight booking by marking their presence on their official website. Follow these steps in the same manner as they are given:

  • Take a visit to the Delta Airlines Website and then make your way to the “My Trips” section. Then, on that page, enter the following details: booking confirmation number and passenger name, credit or debit card number, and ticket number from the flight receipt to find your booking.
  • Once you spot the flight you must change, click the “Change or Add flight” button.
  • Now, you will be presented with a list of new flight options, among which you have to pick one.
  • You need to pay the fare difference, if any arises between your new flight and previous flight, along with the applicable Delta change flight fees.
  • The system will showcase on the screen all the additional amount that is levied when you proceed further for the flight change.
  • Then, the airline will send you the confirmation of your flight change on your registered email ID.

Remember, if the new flight cost is less than the previous one, you will receive the entire amount in credit by deducting the Delta change flight fee.

Delta changes flights by offline method

Implement the steps highlighted here to change the name on Delta flights by calling the airline directly without any flaw.

  • Call Delta to change your flight number or reservation line.
  • You can easily fetch that number by visiting the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Once you get connected with someone on call, disclose your booking information and tell them the reason as well, due to which you proceed for Delta change flight.
  • Discuss with them the alternatives you must choose as your new flight options.
  • After all this, inquire about the Delta Change flight fees or fare difference, if any occurs for the new flight.
  • When you choose the new flight and agree with the applied fee, directly confirm the changes with the airlines.
  • Wait for the instructions that the customer care representative of the airline will give you to make the payment. Do it and wait for the confirmation.

When this process is done or concluded, you will be provided with a new confirmation number of the flight along with any other travel documents.

Delta changes flight policy according to fare type

Delta’s policy to change flights is discussed here depending on the type of fares offered by Delta Airlines. So, pay attention to every aspect of this segment.

  • Non-refundable fare: All the passengers have the right to Delta Flight change by paying the rigid fees. It mainly ranges from $1 to $400, depending on the route you are traveling.
  • Refundable fare: Delta Airlines permits all passengers to change their flight booking without disbursing a buck. But you should meet or satisfy all the guidelines posted by the airlines.
  • Alteration on Award ticket: The airlines have discarded the change fee in case of Award travel all across the US (including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands along with International travel that originates from the United States and Canada.

Delta Airlines Same-day change policy

Are you feeling the need to make changes to your flight booking last minute? There is no need to worry as Delta Airlines’ change policy offers the privilege to do same-day change. If you want to alter your flight ticket within 24 hours of your departure from the flight, it is easily doable with Delta Airlines.

Please remember that this service is only available for all of you when seats are present on the flight. If this is not the case, then you have to wait and look for some other flights that exist for the same route. Let’s not waste time and throw light on vital points of this policy.

  • All the basic economy ticket holders are not allowed to Delta change flight on the same day of the flight’s departure.
  • Customers who have booked a multi-city flight will have to stand by for each flight in particular.
  • Travelers with a refundable ticket can change their flight by giving no additional money on the same day.
  • Do you have a Delta Airline ticket for the main cabin? You can stand specifically for that class only.
  • Same-day changes are not permitted for flyers with tickets for a non-stop flight regulated by Delta Airlines.

Can you change a Delta Flight without fees?

If this question also strikes your mind, you should continue reading. If you proceed further to change your flight booking within 24 hours of flight booking, then you don’t have to pay a single penny for the same.

Besides this period, Delta change flight fee is applicable. Moreover, the passenger with refundable flight tickets can cancel their booking anytime for free of cost whenever they want.

Apart from all this, you must pay the change flight fee according to Delta Airlines to alter the booking. Thus, if you are still unsure about your trip, then go with Delta Airlines, as it is the right decision in this instance.

What kinds of changes are allowed under Delta Change Flight?

Changes or alterations are something that is needed by everyone at some point in time. Hence, Delta Airlines’ change policy came into existence to help all passengers change their flights. They can proceed further to make changes by taking a visit to the official website of the airline. Besides this, the option of calling for a Delta flight change is also available for everyone.

Check out all kinds of changes that you are permitted to perform in your flight booking. 

  • Change of Destination: Suppose suddenly you change your mind to go somewhere else; you are free to change your flight destination. For this, go to the official website of Delta Airlines and then to the “My Trips” tab to easily change your destination.
  • Alteration in a meal: Delta Airlines being considerate about their passengers allows them to select the meal in advance. Sometimes, it becomes the case that a passenger follows a specific dietary plan so he/she can ask for that meal in advance without any hassle. Moreover, they can have the right to change it after selecting.
  • Change of Name: Spot the wrong name on your flight ticket. If yes, then you should make it correct as soon as possible. You can either do it by visiting their official website or you can call Delta Airlines customer care service directly to ask to change the name.
  • Modification in Seat: If you already selected a seat and now wish to change it, you can do it smoothly under Delta Change flight policy. You have the privilege of changing your seat but before the deadline. Pick your desired seat and fly comfortably without any hurdles.

Delta Flight Schedule change policy

Passengers passing with the problem of schedule change have the authority to call Delta Airlines Customer Care to request a flight change. It is free of cost when:

  • A flight gets delayed by 120 minutes or more.
  • Any kind of modification in the travel plan that leads to the addition of one or more destinations in the existing booking.
  • Changing of the aircraft from Delta Mainline to Delta Connection.
  • Availability of Delta Flight cancellation without the presence of a comparable option.

Every passenger can request a new flight for the same day instead of their originally scheduled flight. But remember that the new flight must have the same destination, departure place, and class of service.

Along with the flight changes, the above alternatives also open up the possibility that you earn the full amount as a refund for a non-refundable ticket.

Some options under this for Delta Change Flight:

  • When you need to rebook your flight, Delta Airlines allows you to choose a new flight with the same destination and departure place. Moreover, you can select another destination within a radius of 100 miles of your previous flight.
  • Regarding rebooking the flight, the airlines will try to provide you with the same class of service that you have previously.
  • For main cabin fares, if the same class of service is not available, Delta gives you the privilege to rebook the flight in the next available class of service up to Y class.
  • Delta Airlines gives you the permit to rebook the flight before or after 2 days from the original date of the departure.

Delta change flight fee

The change fee of Delta Airlines primarily depends on several factors, some of which are fare and membership. The period of implementing the flight change always plays a major role in this.

Refer to the table below for complete knowledge of Delta Change flight fees.

Period Basic economy Non-refundable ticket Refundable ticket
Within 24 hours of booking time Free of cost Free of cost Free of cost
After 24 hours from flight booking Not allowed Fee from $0 to $400 along with fare difference Only fare difference
When 24 hours left in flight departure Not allowed By paying $75 that is again subject to availability By paying $75 that is again subject to availability

Grave this in mind that all the basic economy tickets arrive from Europe, Africa, and other international places require a fee to change it that can reach up to $200.

Summing it up!

Delta’s change flight policy denotes that there is always a door open for you if you want to perform any sudden changes in your flight booking. It is a very streamlined process if you pay attention and strictly follow all the guidelines and rules adequately. In case you find yourself stuck at some place, you can freely call Delta Airlines Customer Care without even turning back for a second.


You can either take a visit to the official website or dial Delta Airlines’ number to perform a Delta change flight.

Either book a refundable fare or become a member of the Delta loyalty program to change flights free of cost.

Certainly, Delta offers same-day flight change options, but there exists a fixed set of conditions and conditions subject to availability.

Yes, it is possible to change the date on the return flight ticket, but everyone must remain under the terms and conditions introduced by the airlines.

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