Delta Airlines Check in

Delta Airlines Check in

No matter where you are traveling, you should gain a vivid understanding of Delta Airlines check-in to grab your boarding pass. Obtain it on time so you won’t face any issues while getting onto the flight. But if you don’t know about the ways through which you can perform Delta check-in, look below as every aspect is discussed here in a detailed manner.

Pay attention to each detail given here so that you will never face any interruption in the check-in process.

How do Delta Airlines check-in?

Delta Airlines always puts its users on top and strives to make things sorted for them. To make them step easily on the flight, they prepared the Check-in policy through which all the hassle of check-in disappeared. There are several ways laid down by Delta Airlines for people to do the check-in; take a look at each of them one by one.

First method: Online Delta Check-in

Online check-in with Delta Airlines begins 24 hours before the domestic flight and 48 hours before the International flight. It ends up, in both cases, one hour before the departure of the flight. Delta check-in online is how you can perform from the comfort of your home.

If you decide to proceed further with this method, go ahead and follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Firstly, open up your preferred browser and then open up the main website of Delta Airlines.
  • Now, look for the check-in form that is available on the homepage and then click on it.
  • After this, enter the last name of the passenger along with the booking confirmation number and then submit all such details.
  • You can witness all the bookings that you made under your name and choose the one for which you want to check-in.
  • Now, you need to fill in details regarding your baggage, like Delta Airlines check-in baggage size. And this is when you can add anything extra you want to add, like special assistance, extra baggage, extra legroom space, etc. When you finish adding all this, save the changes.
  • Right next to you, you need to click the check-in button and download the Delta Airlines check-in boarding pass.
  • Finally, check your registered mail to see whether you received the confirmation.

Second Method: Check-in process through ticket counter

If a person travels for the first time with Delta Airlines, it is strongly advised to perform Delta Airlines check-in through the ticket counter. Regarding International flights, check-in starts 4 hours before the scheduled flight time.

On the other hand, on domestic flights, check-in starts 3 hours before departure. If you made up your mind to perform the check-in by this method, you have to visit the airport first and look out for the counter of Delta Airlines.

After this, provide them with your relevant documents like flight tickets, Identification cards, passport, etc. When they confirm every detail of yours, they proceed further with the Delta Airlines check-in and issue the boarding pass for the same flight.

Third Method: Kiosk check-in process

When you want to check in for your flight to avoid standing in long queues, you can perform it through the kiosk machine. All the passenger needs to go to the counter of Delta Airlines and then have to search for the machine.

After spotting the machine, tap on the option of check-in. Move forward by entering all the personal details necessary to do the check-in. Furthermore, add the baggage as well if you have any. Go through each detail again so that no discrepancy will persist.

Ultimately, pay the Delta Airlines check-in baggage price coming on the screen. Now, to conclude the process, click on submit details to receive the boarding pass. You can get a printout as well from the machine itself.

Fourth Method: Curbside check-in policy

Delta Airlines permits the act of performing the check-in through the Curbside facility as it is the most convenient way of doing so. It is easily available in most of the airports in America. But, when you are going with this alternative of Delta Airlines check-in, you are not allowed to make any alterations to your flight booking.

Curbside check-in is generally present at the entrance gate of the airport and parking. Go to the machine, enter all the needed details like ID proof, ticket number, etc, and get hold of your boarding pass.

In case you are facing any issue with this method, without any hesitation, call Delta Airlines customer care to attain assistance.

Fifth method: Check-in by mobile application

Delta Airlines has a mobile application through which it can perform flight bookings, delta cancellations, alterations, and check-in. Are you a tech or mobile-friendly guy? If yes, you can perform Delta check-in through your mobile phone. Open the mobile application of Delta Airlines and then head towards the “Check-in” section under it. After this, enter the information like name, number, address, flight booking number, etc. Now, it is better to perform a run-through of the details, and if you feel the need to add something to it, add it as it is the chance. To complete the process, select the check-in option, and then you can witness your boarding pass on the screen. Tap on print, and now you can have your boarding pass in your hand.

Delta Airlines check-in time limit

Delta Airlines check-in time varies depending on the type of travel you are having. You should perform the check-in at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure. Whereas, in the case of domestic flights, you need to check in 2 hours before the fixed departure time.

Certainly, it is the case that Delta Airlines’ check-in process saves people from spending too much time and effort. No matter which method you are proceeding to check-in, the flyer should be at the boarding gate with their gate pass.

It is strongly suggested to the people who want to perform the Delta Airlines check-in through airport check-in to reach the airport in advance.

Boarding time under Delta Airlines check-in policy

There is a limit to the time available that every passenger needs to follow to check-in. Also, free Delta Airlines check-in baggage allows people to check in their baggage and be at the boarding gate without any hassle. When you fail to do so, the danger of missing your flight emerges. The boarding gates of almost all the airports will be closed:

  • At least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • In case of any special circumstances, one may board the flight at least 15 minutes before their departure time, but not more than that.

Any flyer is not permitted to step inside the flight after the flight gate is closed.

Guideline under Delta check-in policy

All passengers checking in to their flights must follow some guidelines mentioned in Delta Airlines check-in. These are as follows:

  • All the passengers must present a government-approved identification card along with the boarding pass at the airport.
  • On the other hand, all International travelers may be required to present additional documents, like ID proofs and health-related clearance.
  • Grave this in mind that cancellation is not possible after completing the process of check-in.
  • The boarding pass is only applicable to that traveler whose name is present on the ticket they make for their flight.
  • All the passengers can easily check in 24 hours before the Delta flight in the way they prefer the most.
  • You should come in direct contact with the airlines to know about the requirements to check-in for any partner airlines and codeshare flights.

Ending Words!

Delta Airlines’ check-in policy is a wide aspect that can easily cover the whole process and can take the passenger to their flight without any hassle. You can perform the check-in online, offline, or in some other way. Choose the one you think is convenient for you and conclude this check-in task. And in contrast, when you face any issue in this process, call directly to Delta Airlines customer care and get rid of any problem you are encountering.


Yes, passengers can self-check-in through the kiosk counter and automatic check-in option through mobile check-in.

You all are permitted to do Delta Airlines check-in for International flights through both methods that are online and by calling as well. Besides this, you need to follow the guidelines and rules mentioned here.

Delta Airlines curbside check-in generally starts 4 hours before the departure and closes 60 minutes before the International flights. Furthermore, it closes 30 minutes before for all the domestic flights.

It depends on the kind of travel you are having. But in general, you should mark your presence at the airport at least 30 minutes before the fixed departure time.

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