Air France Seat Selection – All You Need to Know

Air France Seat Selection

It is quite common when all of us plan for a getaway trip, and we plan to enjoy and, most importantly, relax. The key to comfort and relaxation during the flight depends on the seat. That is why most passengers choose a seat to make the most of their trip. This is where the effective Air France seat selection process, its rules and types of seats, allows a person to choose their preferred seats while making the reservation. One can choose their seats on Air France in multiple modes. In short, we will explain how they can select their desired seats on Air France without any hassle. Let’s get started.

Air France Seat Selection – Rules, Types of Seats & Process

Rules, Regulations & Policy

  • Passengers can select their seating in advance. However, they must pay for all of their choices. However, the paid service will be available at least 30 hours before departure.
  • However, if you are a Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum member, you can enjoy the premium economy and business seats for free.
  • Apart from this, a traveler can use the blue credit to purchase their seat on the airways.
  • Thus, the flyer can also reserve their seat by phone, navigating online, or at the airport. In addition, if a traveler wants to choose their seat a little later, they can easily visit the booking section through the main website or phone.
  • Therefore, if your child is flying as an unaccompanied minor, this will be mentioned in the flight ticket. Usually, Air France offers standard seats to unaccompanied minors.
  • Air France does not generally offer online check-in, so passengers can only check in at the airport. Additionally, buying an extra seat does not include extra baggage.
  • Lastly, you can only book seats with more legroom if you fly long or short distances.

Air France Seat Selection Fee

Usually, the Air France seat selection fee is between $70 and $90 for selecting seats on long-haul international flights. However, It may vary in some circumstances, You can visit the official site and confirm the Air France fee policy for selecting your seats.

Different Seats Available on the Air France

Traveling with Air France is all about finding the best seats to fly comfortably. However, it also depends on the seat you are getting for yourself. Many airlines offer several ways to help passengers get the best seats. Here’s everything you must know about seating types:

  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Business Class
  • First Class

Economy Class Seat Benefits

  • One reason for choosing an economy-class seat is its affordability and comfort. You can save a couple of bucks while traveling internationally.
  • Another thing that makes the economy cabin excellent is that a passenger can get one free checked baggage.
  • Therefore, those traveling with their kids will get multiple kid-friendly meal options.
  • Finally, you can expect a headrest and USB port in the Air France economy cabin.

Premium Economy Seat

  • Spacious & Comfortable seats
  • Personal tablets as well as headsets, USB ports
  • Accessible lounge area
  • Two items and two hand luggage allowed
  • Priority Boarding
  • Multiple Meals and Beverages options

Business Class Seats

  • Luxury seats
  • Personalized cabins and services
  • Lounge access with snacks and drinks
  • Multiple meal options
  • Spacious and comfortable seats (with 180-degree recline)

First Class Seats

  • Lounge area with spa and other activities
  • Private beds
  • Entertainment shows
  • International cuisines, wine as well as other beverages
  • Along with chauffeur service

How Can I Select Seats on Air France?

According to the Air France Seat Selection policy, there are several ways passengers can choose their preferred seats on Air France Airlines easily. Here are the methods that you must follow:

1. Through Online Method

  • To begin, navigate your way to the main website of Air France.
  • Next, click on the Manage My Booking option.
  • Choose your seats depending on your seat availability.
  • Apart from this, you can also select your desired seats.
  • When you are done, you can add the departure date, booking number, and the passenger’s first and last name.
  • Also, you can choose your seat depending on availability and then confirm your seat request.
  • Ultimately, the airline will send you an email regarding your issue.

2. Seat Selection Over Call

The most direct way to book your seat is to call the customer service number and start the seat selection procedure. You can choose your desired language and listen to the IVR system as soon as you are done. Follow the elbow-listed steps:

  • Start by pressing number 1 to add your baggage.
  • Then, press number 2 to change your flight tickets.
  • The next option would be to speak to the live agent and elaborate on your issues with them.
  • Provide your flight details once you are connected.
  • Lastly, tell the agent about your seat preferences and then make your payment.


Finding the best yet most comfortable seat on the airline is a big task, especially if you need to learn about the seat selection procedure. Before initiating the seat selection procedure, knowing about the Air France seat selection policy is important to understand how to select a proper seat. There are multiple ways of choosing a seat, and you can do it before or after the reservation. Regardless of the method, you can get the seat of your preference by opting for the above-listed tips. Thus, for more flight-related information, visit the official website of Air France.

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Those who have bought themselves a premium or business class ticket will get their seats free of cost. If this service is not free during the reservation procedure, navigate to the website and choose to manage my booking options.

Yes, a passenger can select their seat during the check-in procedure. Usually, you will get your seat number after successfully checking in.

The easiest way to avoid paying any cost is by letting the airline assign you a seat, which will be free of cost.

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