Allegiant Air Seat Selection – Choose Your Desired Sitting

Allegiant Air Seat Assignment

Who does not love to travel comfortably, especially on a long-way flight? To ensure that you travel comfortably, choose a suitable seat for yourself. With the help of the Allegiant seat selection policy, a passenger can select a seat according to their requirement. In this guide, we will navigate through the Allegiant air seat selection procedure, which explores all the necessary steps to take regarding seat selection.

How do you choose seats on Allegiant? 

The best way to select a seat on Allegiant Airways is by navigating to the Allegiant Air website. Here are some of the methods that you can make use of;-

1. Online Seat Selection

  • Start by visiting the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Next, log in to your account, or you can create one during your booking procedure.
  • Afterward, you can choose your flight and navigate the seat selection phases.
  • Then, select your desired seats according to your requirements.
  • Pay your seat selection fee if there’s one.
  • Last but not least, follow the given steps to complete your booking procedure.

2. Offline Allegiant Air Seat Selection

  • First of all, contact Allegiant Air customer service.
  • Enter your booking details as well as seat preference.
  • The agent will assign the passenger with a preferred seat.
  • Next, provide your payment information if you are required to pay a fee.
  • Lastly, you can confirm your seat details before the call ends.

How Can I Change My Seats at Allegiant Airlines Check-in?

The Allegiant airline does not permit seat selection during the check-in procedure. However, a passenger can change their seats to their desired option at the check-in procedure. Thereby, the airline check-in option opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure. In the meantime, you will be assigned a random seat if you do not select it yourself during reservation.

Nonetheless, a traveler can request a seat change by checking out the availability of the seats. To do so, you can view the seat map and switch up your current seat if you want to. However, passengers might need to pay a seat selection fee whenever they change or choose a seat that is not free. Pay the Allegiant seat selection fee before getting your boarding pass.

How Does the Procedure of Allegiant Seat Selection Work?

The airline will assign the passengers their seats within 24 hours before the scheduled departure. A passenger can choose their seat by simply paying a small amount during the reservation procedure. However, if you are traveling with your family or friends, then it is advised to select your seats manually.

Moreover, if you do not choose your seats during the reservation, then-

  • Those who nodose their seat during reservation will be assigned a seat by the airline.
  • However, a passenger can also get upgraded to their desired seat online.
  • Log in to your account to get the best seat through the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • At last, when the boarding pass is printed, the airline will not allow you to change your seat.

Have a Glance on Allegiant Air Seat Selection Policy

Allegiant Airlines offers comfortable seats by assigning leather seats to all passengers. Most travelers can confirm their seating at a minimal cost. Here are the things that one must be familiar with:

  • By paying a small fee, a person can select their seat during their reservation procedure, ensuring their safety on board.
  • The seat selection option is for passengers traveling with friends, family, or spouses. It ensures that the passengers who are traveling together will sit together.
  • In addition to that, passengers with special needs can opt for exit row seats, which offer more legroom.

However, if a passenger decides not to buy themselves a seat, then they must be aware of these rules too-

  • The Allegiant airline will automatically assign you a seat if you did not select one for yourself during check-in.
  • However, those who have opted for online check-in can view their assigned seat on the Allegiant airlines.
  • In the meantime, if you want to change your seat or purchase one from the existing reservation, you can directly navigate to the Manage My Booking Section.
  • Lastly, a traveler cannot change their seat after getting the boarding pass at the airport.

For more information, passengers can visit the official website and contact customer service.

When Can I Select My Seats on Allegiant Air?

We have explained how the passengers can select seats on the Allegiant Air. A person can select their seats during the flight reservation method. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • A passenger can choose the seats at the time of their reservation online or by contacting customer service.
  • However, if a passenger prefers to select their seats after reservation, you can do so via the Manage My Flight option.
  • In addition to that, a traveler can choose their seats during the online check-in procedure.

Note: A passenger might have to pay for their seats. For further reservations, you can visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines for related information.

What is the Allegiant Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

You may need to pay a specific fee if you choose a desired seating option on the Allegiant flights. However, a traveler can charge a fee of around $80 to confirm their seating. Therefore, one must pay an allegiant seat selection fee to confirm connecting with the customer service team.

Does Allegiant Offer First Class Seats?

There are no specific first-class seats on Allegiant Airlines. However, the airline does provide comfortable seats with extra legroom. A passenger can select between the Allegiant extra and extra legroom choices.

Make sure to check out all the airline costs before selecting the seats.


Allegiant Airways allows its passengers to select from many seats depending on availability. Passengers can select their desired seat during the reservations with Allegiant Airways. However, there might be a cost for the Allegiant Airlines seat selection, depending on the seat type one selects. In this guide, we have explained how one can choose their preferred seat on the Allegiant airlines. To proceed with the selection, one can further navigate to the main website of Allegiant or call the airline using their official number.

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The priority seating facility is one of the optional services provided by Allegiant Airlines. Moreover, this option enables all board members to board the plane and settle on the assigned seats before boarding any general reservation passengers. In addition to that, a traveler with priority seating can avoid changing their flight as well as cancel their flight with no extra fee.

Allegiant Airlines offers comfortable, assigned leather seats. However, a passenger must choose their seat during the reservation time. This guarantees seat comfort and location during the onboarding of your flight. This procedure comes in handy when you are traveling with your spouse or your family. For more information, visit the main website of Allegiant Airlines.

According to the Allegiant air seat selection policy, a passenger must pay at least 12 dollars to select their desired seats. However, the clever way to avoid paying fees is if they have opted for the auto-assigned option while doing a web check-in.

Yes, all passengers who choose to have a boarding pass printed out at the airport on domestic flights will have to pay $5 dollars. Thus, if you want to avoid paying this charge, you can check in online and bring the boarding pass to the airport or use the official mobile application to download the boarding pass.

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