Delta Airlines Name Change & Correction Policy

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Delta Airlines Name Change & Correction Policy

Have you ever entered an incorrect name while making a reservation with Delta Airlines? For this, the airline allows its passengers to change their name on the flight ticket. With the help of the Delta name change policy, a passenger can easily correct the mistakes in their name. However, it is required for travelers to correct their name on the ticket that matches the name on their government-issued ID. In this guide, we will be explaining everything one must know about the Delta Airlines name change policy.

Highlighted Points of Delta Change Name on Ticket

Anyone can make mistakes while entering their name. That is why, Delta Airlines has put together a policy for Delta name change policy. Before initiating the procedure, it is required for everyone to be familiar with all the below-listed instructions;-

  • A passenger can simply ask for the name correction for small spelling changes & errors.
  • According to the Delta Airlines name change policy, a passenger can change their inverted name.
  • However, one can also make adjustments in the first & last name on the flight tickets.
  • A traveler can only initiate the re-issuance of the ticket once.
  • Per the Delta name change rules and regulations, a passenger can only change three characters of their name.
  • In the end, a traveler can also change their date of birth as well as gender on their flight ticket.

What is the Procedure for Delta Name Change Through the Website?

The procedure of changing your name through the official website is quite easy. All you have to do is follow these below-listed steps;-

  • Go to the main website of Delta Airlines.
  • Then, click on the My Trips option to manage your flight itinerary.
  • Add your flight details such as ticket number, and confirmation number as the booking reference number to access your ticket.
  • Once you have submitted all the details then click on the arrow option.
  • As soon as you are done accessing your flights then you will be able to select Delta name change on the ticket.
  • Do not forget to enter your correct name on the reservation ticket and request a name change.
  • Next, hit the confirm button and print out a new boarding pass to correct your name.
  • Lastly, pay the name change fee and complete the online Delta name charge on your flight ticket.

Can I Change My Name on the Delta Airlines Over a Phone Call?

A customer care representative will help you regarding your flight-related query. This is what you need;-

  • Start by, navigating to the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • From there, choose the Need Help option & select the Help Centre option.
  • Then, you will be able to see the customer care service number on this page.
  • You can also give a call on this number at 1 (800) 221-1212 for quick assistance.
  • As soon as you are connected, you can ask them to change your name on Delta Airlines.
  • Next, provide your flight-related details such as booking number, reference number, etc for a smooth procedure.
  • You will be charged depending on your ticket type as well as the class of service.
  • Follow the given on-screen steps and then you will get an email on your registered email ID.

How Can I Change My Name at the Airport?

A passenger can change their name at the airport by simply following given steps;-

  • A passenger needs to arrive at least 2 hours before boarding to complete the name change procedure.
  • Go to the airport counter and tell the customer care representative about your wish to change the name on the boarding pass.
  • Also, offer your flight tickets such confirmation number as well as your first name & last name.
  • Once you are done, add your correct name as well as relevant documents such as marriage or divorce settings as well as government-issued ID & other documents.
  • Do not forget to pay the applicable fee to change your name on Delta Airlines.

How Can I Change the Name on my Delta SkyMiles Account?

A passenger can change their name on the Skymiles by simply the given steps. You can utilize the SkyMiles facility through the travel agency or main website. Here’s everything you need to do;-

1. Change Name Through Official Website

  • Visit the official website and then click on the SkyMiles login option.
  • Enter your SkyMiles number, pin as well as first name & last name to access your main account.
  • Choose the manage my booking option and then you can modify your name.
  • Once you are done entering your name, then click on the submit option.

2. Call the Customer Care Agent

A traveler can easily change their name on Delta Airlines by simply calling the airline at 1(800)-221-1212. All you have to do, is provide your information such as travel documents and other docs.

Last Words

Making an error while filling out a reservation is a common mistake that most of us make. However, to rectify the mistake, one must follow the rules and regulations of Delta’s name change. Typically, a traveler can change the spellings or inverted names for free, but if it’s more than that then you are required to pay. Thereby, a passenger must pay around $200 to change their name depending on ticket type and class of service. Hence, for more information visit the official website of Delta Airlines.

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According to the Delta Airlines name change policy, a passenger would have to pay a certain amount for changing their name on Delta Airways. Usually, the Delta Airlines name change fee will cost you around $75 to $500 per person. The name change fee depends on your ticket type as well as the class of service.

Yes, a passenger can change their last name on Delta Airlines. For this, all you have to do is fill out the identification form or contact Delta Airlines customer care services. Another way would be to log into Skymiles account.

For Immediate Help +1-855-200-0640