Delta Airlines Seat Selection | Process & Fees

Delta Flights Seat

All passengers traveling with Delta Airlines have the right to sit in their desired seat during their journey. With the help of Delta Seat Selection, you can choose the seat without any hassle, either by going to the official website or by calling Delta Airlines customer care.

To know about all the little details regarding Delta Seat Selection, you should look below to understand every bit of Delta Seat Selection policy.

Delta Seat Selection Policy

If you wish to have the seat of your desired choice, you have to get familiar with Delta Airlines Seat Selection policy. By this, you can make sure that your journey will become a memorable one.

Some other points that need some attention are as follows:

  • According to Delta Seat Selection, customers can get hold of their favorite seat through the official website or by calling customer care online.
  • No charges will be levied for Delta Seat Selection if the passengers choose their preferred seat at the booking time only.
  • Furthermore, you need to clear the Delta Seat Selection fee if you want to select the seat of your choice after booking.
  • This fee depends on the travel class, destination, and fare route you are traveling on.

How to select a seat at Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines seat selection is easily possible in several ways. It depends on you how you want to go ahead to do it.

Look at every possible instance and choose the one you find most convenient in your hour of need.

  • During Flight booking: When you are making your flight booking, you have the option of Delta Seat selection. Simply choose the seat you like the most from all the available options.
  • After flight booking: If you didn’t select the seat in your flight with Delta Airlines at the time of booking, no need to worry. You can pick the seat under the Delta Seat Selection policy after logging in to your account.
  • At the time of check-in: Suppose you didn’t select the seat, but a seat is assigned to you. However, what you can do is change your seat at the Delta Airlines Check-in counter or self-service kiosk machine.
  • Pay for desired seats: Delta’s seat selection policy offers everyone the feature through which they can select seats with extra legroom space, seats closer to the front of the plane, and seats with more amenities by giving some extra charges. Select these seats and pay anytime during the booking process or anytime after it.

The most simple way to perform Delta Seat selection is by doing it during the booking time or as soon as possible after the booking.

Delta Airlines seat selection at the time of flight booking

Implement these steps to select your desired seat in Delta Airlines during the flight booking process. So, please go through them for once:

  • Take a visit to the official website of Delta Airlines or mobile application.
  • Get started with the booking process by entering details like departure place, destination, date of departure, and the number of passengers. After this, click on the “OK” tab.
  • Now, you can witness a lot of flights on the search result page depending on the requirements that you have. Select the one that is the most preferable.
  • The “Review Trip Details” page is the next destination where you can see the next option of “Select seats” under the trip extras section. Tap on it after spotting.
  • Here, on the select seat page, you can see a seat map. All the available seats are showing vacant by the mark of green color. Make the selection of the seats you like by tapping on them.
  • Once you get done with the selection of the seats, you will be taken forward with the confirmation of the seat along with the payment of the Delta Airlines seat selection fee.

If you are facing any issue, resolve it in no time by calling directly to Delta Airlines customer care service.

 Delta Airlines seat selection after flight booking

After the booking, the passenger needs to mark their presence at the Delta Airlines manage booking tab to do Delta Seat Selection. For this, the detailed step-by-step guide is highlighted.

  • Firstly, pay a visit to the website of Delta Airlines by opening up your preferred browser.
  • Then, navigate to the “My Trips” section and click on it.
  • Now, fill in your flight booking confirmation number along with the first and last name of the passenger to get your hands on the reservation.
  • When you reach this page, select the option of “Seat Selection”.
  • A seat map will now appear on the screen, showing the number of available seats on the flight with the help of a seat map.
  • Choose the seat that you like the most by tapping on it. You can easily find out which seats are vacant and which ones are taken by another passenger.
  • If you are satisfied with your selection of the seat, click on “confirm” to proceed with your choices.

If you encounter any issues while doing this, please dial the Delta Airlines customer care number.

Delta Seat Selection during the check-in time

As a passenger of Delta Airlines, you hold the right to do Delta Seat Selection of check-in if you forgot to do it at the time of booking. To simplify your entire, list the steps to choose the seat at the check-in.

  • Make your way to the website or the mobile app of Delta Airlines, and then log into your account by entering your credentials.
  • Proceed ahead with the “Check-in” option regarding your upcoming flight booking.
  • Fill in the details like booking confirmation number, SkyMiles number, ticket number, credit card number, and departure airport to reach down to your reservation.
  • Follow the instructions that keep coming up on the screen to finish the check-in process. When you get to the seat selection page, select the seat of your desired choice.
  • Confirm the seat that you chose and do the Delta Seat Selection fee.

Seating alternatives present with Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers a wide range of seating options to every passenger to satisfy their need for comfort while traveling. The seating options may vary based on aircraft, cabin type, and fare kind. Some of the seating alternatives offered by Delta Airlines are as follows:

  • Delta One: It is the premium class seats given to people on International and some selected domestic routes. Sitting in this class, all the passengers can enjoy lie-flat comfy seats, chef-created special meals, premium amenities or facilities, and popular entertainment sources.
  • First Class: This class is present on almost all domestic routes and some particular International routes. All the passengers can benefit from extra legroom space, comfortable seats, complimentary snacks or beverages, and priority in flight boarding.
  • Delta Comfort+: It is renowned as Delta’s premium economy class that offers extra legroom space, complimentary beer, wine, and selected alcohol on selected flights, and overhead bin space as well.
  • Main Cabin: This is considered a Delta Basis Economy seat selection that offers comfortable seats, complimentary snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Basic economy: Delta Basic economy seat selection offers a limited travel experience to all of the passengers. There are a few benefits like Seat selection at check-in time, no alterations or refunds, and boarding last.

Delta Seat Selection fee

Delta Airlines is quite a low-budget carrier regarding fare and flight rates. All the travelers can find a cheap and reasonable option to fly with them. Besides all this, seat selection is an additional service that is provided to all of the passengers. Furthermore, to take advantage of this benefit, people must pay the Delta Seat Selection fee. By this, they can purchase the seat of their choice.

The cost for Delta Airlines Seat Selection starts from $10, and it rises gradually when the departure date of the flight comes near.

In a Nutshell!

Delta’s Seat Selection policy makes it easy for all passengers by describing each of their seat types along with the benefits. You can go with any one of them as various alternatives are present. So, when planning a trip, ensure to read all this to know about the seat type to choose one to make your trip a comfy and memorable one for yourself.


Certainly, Delta Airlines offers multi-city flights by which you can cover too many places in one fare.

Yes, Multi-city flights are cheaper than booking a series of one-way flights.

As a passenger, you can include multiple destinations in your Delta flight multi-city that allows you to explore several places in one fare.

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