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Select seat on Southwest Airlines

The concept of Southwest Airlines seat selection is to let the passengers select their seats by themselves. However, the procedure of seat selection is quite straightforward. All you have to do is choose your seat during reservation while paying for your ticket. This way, one will be able to select their desired seat. In the meantime, choosing a seat on the airline might cost you a few bucks. Alas, the fee depends on what type of seat you have chosen and in which class. To make this even easier, the airways represents a seat assignment that helps the passengers locate the best seats for themselves.

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy:

If you haven’t selected a seat, then it is advised to be familiar with the Southwest seat policy to find the best seat on the airways-

  • The seat selection procedure depends on the boarding assignment, which divides passengers into groups.
  • A passenger can select their seat number at the time of boarding.
  • To figure out the exact position of the seat, visit Southwest Airlines’ main website.
  • However, if you want the Window or Aisle seat, you are advised to choose your seat from the first boarding position.
  • According to the Southwest seat selection policy, the airline will decide your position or the group when you board the plane.

Steps to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines

If you are an amateur and need help selecting Southwest Business Class seats, then we have your back.

SouthWest Airlines offers an open seating policy, meaning the seats are not assigned to any passenger ahead of time. Usually, the airline divides all the passengers into small boarding groups and boarding positions.

Nonetheless, the boarding group & position determine the timing of your boarding. Also, it decides how many seats you can choose your desired one.

According to Southwest Airlines’ seat selection policy, a passenger can choose their seat from the seating map during the reservation process. Remember, most of the seats you choose can be chargeable. However, if you do not choose a seat at the time of your booking, the airline will gladly choose a seat for you for free. This can be beneficial when traveling solo, but it can be a disadvantage.

How Can I Get the Best Seat on Southwest Airlines?

One can select a seat only in advance if they lie on Southwest Airlines. However, you can follow certain rules and regulations to select your desired boarding position. Here is the complete breakdown of finding the best seat on Southwest Airlines;-

  • Suppose you want to choose the best seat on Southwest Airlines. Then, check-in at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • However, passengers might get a better boarding position if they check in as early as possible.
  • You can get listed in the first two boarding groups by checking in as early as 24 hours before the flight.
  • Remember, the boarding position is not completely guaranteed. It means the airline might consider you after those who have paid for early boarding.
  • Lastly, the easiest way to check in early is through Southwest Airways’ official application.

Tips & Tricks to Choose a Seat on Southwest Airlines

To get the perfect seat, one might know about all the possibilities. That is why knowing about Southwest Airlines’ seat selection policy guidelines is important. However, many factors play a crucial role in finding the best seat on Southwest Airways, such as;-

1. Check-in 24 Hours in advance

It has often been proven that checking in 24 hours in advance can lead to multiple benefits. These benefits include seat selection, priority boarding, and seat upgrades. However, it is advisable to check in as 24 hours in advance as possible to look at the boarding position & other seat options.

2. Buy Early Bird Check-in

Those who want to check in early can buy early bird check-in. Purchasing early bird check-in will allow the passengers to check in automatically. This way, one can avoid check-in through manual methods. Also, it is guaranteed that you will end up getting a better boarding position.

3. Get into the A-List Status

If you have subscribed to any of SouthWest’s rapid rewards programs, you will immediately get early access to choose your seat.

4. Figure out Aircraft Layout

To find a better seat on the Southwest airways, navigate through the airway’s layout. Some seats are preferred by many individuals, such as exit row sets, Window, Aisle seats, or Southwest business select seats. Once you have figured it out, you can select your desired seat.

5. Board As Early As Possible

As we have said before, if there’s a seat that you want to get, then you must board as soon as possible. If you arrive early, then you will have many seats to choose from.

6. Set Your Eyes on Seats Availability

To get seats on Southwest Airlines, it is advisable to actively keep an eye out for all the available seats. In short, you can ask the agent at the airport about the available seats in all the sections.

Choose Your Desired Seats with Southwest Upgrade Options

Do you know that you can get yourself upgraded on Southwest Airlines? The airline offers the option to its passengers to select seats according to their preferences. However, if your flight has been somewhat delayed or canceled without prior notice, you can ask the airline to upgrade you to the next flight. Here are some of the best ways to get yourself upgraded on Southwest;-

1. Southwest Seat Selection Through Website

Here’s what you would have to do;-

  • Start by navigating to Southwest Airlines’ main website.
  • From there, click on the My Account option and choose the seat upgrade or change seat option.
  • Now, choose the flight that you wish to upgrade.
  • Click on continue, and do not forget to review your upgrade request.
  • Next, select the purchase upgrade option to confirm your request.

2. Select Seats Through Mobile Application

  • Install the Southwest mobile application and log in to your account.
  • Next, choose the Booking option and choose your upcoming flight.
  • Click on the seat upgrade option and check out the cost of seat reviewing.
  • If you are okay with the pricing, tap on the upgrade your set now option.
  • Now, select a payment method and confirm your request.
  • You will receive an email from the airline confirming your upgraded seat as soon as you finish this.

3. Choose Seat Through Customer Care Service

  • Call the Southwest Airlines customer care number from the website.
  • Then, you can connect with the customer service and enter your booking details.
  • Next, explain your request to upgrade your seat on your upcoming flight.
  • When you are done, pay for your seat and ask the airline for your seat details.

Final Words

Selecting a seat for your upcoming flight is not rocket science, and there are only a few things that you must keep in mind. According to Southwest Airlines’ seat selection policy, a passenger can locate the best plane seat by following a few tips and tricks. The following blog explains everything one must know before choosing a seat on Southwest Airways. Thus, for more information, visit Southwest’s official website for updated guidelines.

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The answer is no. Southwest Airlines does not provide any assigned seating. Moreover, passengers can only choose seating during boarding due to their open seat policy.

The registration for online check-in opens up at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Nonetheless, the sooner you check in, the better the seat you’ll get.

Yes, a passenger can choose a seat for themselves on Southwest Airlines by simply paying for one at the end of their reservation. All you have to do is select your desired seat depending on seat availability showcased in the seating assignment.

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