Delta Airlines Pet Policy | A Complete Guide Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Policy | A Complete Guide Pet Policy

Are you planning to vacation but don’t want to leave your pet behind? Well, we got the perfect solution for you. Many airlines allow passengers to bring their furry companions on the plane. But wait, there is more to that. For you to travel with your pet on board, you must keep them in a carrier that does not exceed the given measurements. One must know about Delta Airlines Pet Policy guidelines to understand all the rules and regulations. 

Some rules and regulations may allow your pet to travel in the cargo section. You can also travel with your service animal if you have not heard. As for your pet, you can bring your pet dog or pet cat on the airline. All you have to do is keep your pet in the carrier, which must be within the instructions. You can visit Delta Airlines’ main website to learn more about these details. Here’s everything you need to know about;- 

Delta Airlines Pet Carry-on Policy

As we have explained earlier, there are many ways by which a passenger can carry their pets. However, you can carry them into carry-on, checked, and cargo items. Thereby, for those traveling from the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, the airline allows small pets such as dogs, cats, and birds in the cabin class. In the meantime, those traveling from Hawaii cannot bring their pets on board. For now, here are the rules and regulations that you must keep in mind;- 

  • Delta Airlines’ pet policy states that your pet must be around ten weeks old if you want to travel on a domestic flight. 
  • However, the situation may differ if you are traveling from the USA. Those traveling from the USA must know that their pet should be at least 15 to 16 weeks old to be able to board the plane. 
  • As for the passengers, they can only carry one pet per carrier. Also, the pet must be around ten or six months old to be able to fly. 
  • Per Delta Airlines’ pet policy, the passenger can bring two pets of the same breed on the same air carrier. In short, their age must lie between 10 weeks to six months. Keep in mind that your pet must fit under the carrier perfectly. 
  • At last, the passengers can keep the pet carrier under their seat or in the overhead bin. While putting your pet in a carrier, make sure that the pet kennel is big enough for your pet to move around and sleep properly. 

How Much Do I Have to Pay To Carry My Pet in a Cabin? 

One needs to pay a specific amount to carry their pet in the cabin, which depends on their region and other factors. Here is the complete breakdown of the Cabin fee;- 

Regions Pet Fee as Checked baggage
Flights to/from US/Canada/Puerto rico $125 USD
All the flights departing within US Virginia island international $200 USD
Brazil $75 USD

Can I Carry My Pets As Checked Baggage? 

As per the new resources, a passenger can carry their pets as checked baggage. But this can only be possible if the passenger holds a military past. Those who are traveling on orders are allowed to carry their pets as checked baggage on board. You need to know that you can also reserve your pets as hold luggage a day before your scheduled departure. But, to carry your pets as hold luggage, one must complete the necessary paperwork.

Here is the complete list of the pets that you can carry as Hold Luggage-

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Household Birds
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters

Last but not least, the airline will be able to transport your pets as Cargo if you are planning on bringing any other animals apart from the given list. However, the airline may charge you depending on your given choice and pet- 

Breakdown of the Cargo Pet Fee

Departing Destinations Charges for checked pet fee
For all the passengers departing from US/Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico $200 dollars
Flights departing from/to US/Caribbean/Canada
All the flights within Brazil 150 USD

Guidelines to Bring Your Pets As Checked Baggage 

  • While putting your pet in their carrier, make sure it is made of solid steel and timber for security reasons. 
  • Knowing that your carrier must be big enough for your pet to sit comfortably is advised. 
  • Also, the pet carrier must fit right under your seat or in the overhead bin. 
  • Only dogs and cats are allowed in Delta Airlines. 
  • Therefore, the pet container must be on the hard or soft sides and be waterproof. Be aware of the circulation gaps on the sides. 
  • Also, the pet carrier must be within 18x11x11 inches according to Delta Airlines’ international pet policy. 
  • While waiting at the airport lounge, your pet must stay hidden in the container throughout the flight. 

What is the Fee to Bring a Pet on Board? 

There is a price for everything, and there is no doubt that you would have to pay to carry your pet on board. However, here is the complete breakdown of the Delta pet fee;- 

Before we move forward, you must know that the Delta pet fee is divided into two parts: Delta in-cabin fee & Delta pet cargo hold fee. 

All the passengers must pay a certain amount to carry their pets in the cabin. While paying your fee, you must be careful as you will not get any refund. Sometimes, you might need to pay the fee while making your reservation. 

Those who have transported their pets via the Cargo section will have to pay a certain fee, which again depends on several factors, such as the measurements and weight of your pet. Therefore, a passenger won’t be able to carry any large animal on board, but it will be possible through Cargo. 

What Documents Do I Need to Present to Carry My Pet On Board? 

Those who are traveling with their pet, regardless of the rules and regulations, must provide some documents to fly comfortably- 

  • Health certificate
  • Any proof of Vaccination (usually vaccination form)
  • Clearance certificate/ Import-export permit
  • Tag 
  • Other documents 

Last but not least, if passengers want to know more about documentation, they can contact Delta Airlines customer officials or visit Delta Airlines’ official website. 

How Can I Check-in While Travelling With My Pet? 

If you are traveling with your pet, the best way to check in is by navigating to the special service counter and seeking any assistance from the Delta agent. However, the agent will ensure that your pet and its requirements meet all the requirements, and then they will ask you to pay any fees. 

To complete all the procedures on time, Delta Airlines Check In as early as possible to drop off your luggage and check your pet tag and carrier on time. In the meantime, you can also be the first person to board the plane. 

Bottom Line

It is tough to travel without your pet, which means leaving them behind. But, with the help of Delta Airlines pet policy, passengers can carry their pet by simply opting for some rules and regulations. For starters, all the pets must always stay inside their pet kennel. As for the kennel, it must be within the given size and dimension limit. For more information regarding Delta Airlines’ pet policy, visit Delta Airlines’ main website. 


As per the Delta Pet Policy, the airline does not require any health certificate for their animal to travel in the cabin or as checked baggage. The documentation depends on your country and its guidelines against the Pet Policy. 

With the help of Delta Airlines’ pet policy, a passenger would have to pay at least 125 dollars for one way. However, the fee may differ depending on what type of flight you are flying on; all the passengers flying internationally must pay around $200. Traveling from Brazil will cost around $75 dollars/each way. However, transferring a dog via the cargo section will depend on the pet’s weight, height, and pet carrier size. 

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